Email marketing is a cost-effective way to get proven results by connecting you to people in a fast, efficient way
Email marketing allows you to quickly test what your audience responds to. Like a digital crystal ball, this information will well equip you with the tools for your next marketing plan. We aim to help you in building brand awareness, trust and loyalty. Whether you want to do a one-time email blast or establish regular email marketing efforts, we can handle every aspect of the project; email writing and design, HTML coding, deployment and reporting. From full design to execution and tracking, we have you covered. We have the power, knowledge and experience to take your marketing plan to the next level. Our designs are mobile friendly as well to make sure that your audience has the best experience possible.

Your customers are much more likely to open emails if they have already seen or heard a campaign message or special promotion. This makes email the perfect addition to a direct mail, digital, or a traditional media campaign seeking to generate leads. We don’t send junk mail, we deliver real value to your customers which is what makes our email marketing campaigns so successful.

Results are easy to measure
Email marketing provides a great level of reporting that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by getting data like open rates and response times. Give us your customer or prospect house file, and we’ll manage the entire email campaign for you.

Email marketing provides endless benefits
Along with an email marketing campaign, we can utilize PURLS (Personalized Web Addresses) to allow prospects with a destination. Just a few of the benefits of adding online support to your overall marketing plan:

  • Increase the number of ways to respond
  • Give people an option to respond more quickly
  • Improved tracking on the campaign’s success
  • Turn a direct mail address into an email address
  • Ability to create an automated email campaign to nurture your leads

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