Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

We offer seamless, results-driven Automotive Direct Mail Advertising and Marketing Services
At Ideal Direct Ad Group Inc. we can successfully execute your direct mail campaign to drive traffic and sales to your business. Direct Mail Marketing is a tried-and-true marketing endeavor. It’s been around since before we were all born and there’s a reason leading organizations, companies and retailers like Google, Apple, Bed Bath & Beyond and your local pizzeria still use direct mail. It continues to produce profitable results.

Direct Mail puts your company’s message or offer into your prospect’s hands
Have you ever used a coupon you received in the mail? Have you ever signed up for insurance or a credit card after getting a letter? Have you ever purchased a car from a direct mail piece you have received? Of course you have! We all have. It’s because direct mail works. Direct mail is an effective marketing strategy when the message, timing, offer, and audience are right.

Some of our most popular and effective campaigns include:

    • Lease Upgrades
    • Special Financing
    • Individual Dealer Program
    • Customer Retention
    • Credit Offers
    • Invitations
    • Grand Openings
    • Customer Appreciation
    • Customer Retention
    • Interest Rate Specials

Let’s get started on Your Automotive Direct Mail Campaign
We’ll work with you and your team to outline your goals, objectives, timeline and budget. Then we devise the right campaign based on your ideal customer. We offer highly specialized mailing lists based on your specific target group so that your direct mail piece gets into the right hands. Learn more about list services.

Our services include design, copywriting, printing, mailing and the tracking of your automotive direct mail campaign to ensure that its successful on every level.

Our expert team is ready to help you drive new business and keep your customers coming back! Contact us today at (949) 305-4753 or email or request a quote below.

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