Our creative and design services provide elements of a perfect marketing piece
It’s one thing to know your product, service, or organization intimately, it’s another to identify your target audience precisely and to understand what makes them buy. But it’s quite another to bring the elements to life. This is where science meets art and where our seasoned, creative team pulls out all the stops. We’ll help define your unique positioning strategy, creatively execute and emphasize your brand message, and make the kinds of emotional connections with your customers and prospects that not only get them to respond, but also keeps them coming back.

Ideal Direct Ad Group Inc.’s full-service design offerings include:

  • Insightful, on-message, integrated creative strategies to help you attract and convert sales opportunities
  • Marketing design and copy that resonate with target audiences, compelling them to take action
  • Insights and options to strengthen your branding, messaging and offers

Your copy is key
Direct Marketing copy is an essential part of the design of all your marketing needs. It needs to:

  • Introduce a desire that the customer relates to emotionally
  • Help the prospect qualify themselves with information provided
  • Clearly direct the prospect in how to take the next step in the sales process

This is a tall order. Prospects convert to customers based on emotion and justify with facts. Our creative team here at Ideal has been producing successful marketing campaigns for our clients based on these principles since 2004. We’d love to help you create something buzz worthy that produces results for your company.

Our expert team is ready to help you drive new business and keep your customers coming back! Contact us today at (949) 305-4753 or email or request a quote below.

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