data-innerYour mailing list matters
The most important part to superior traffic building starts and ends with the mailing list. We take the time to research, define, and test your ideal target customer’s profiles. Our expertise in properly selecting the right prospects in your geographical area or desired location guarantees to maximize the response for your marketing campaign. We compile the most accurate and up-to-date lists on just about any kind of criteria you can think of. Some of our most popular lists target:

  • Pre-Qualified Experian Credit Scores
  • Automotive Year Make and Model with Blue/Black Book Appends
  • In the Market to Purchase
  • Bankruptcies: Filed and Discharged
  • Home Owners
  • Ethnic Surnames
  • Household Income
  • Past Purchase History
  • Every Door Direct Mail

The analytical aspect of each campaign is often the most overlooked aspect of direct response marketing. It shouldn’t be. A mailer might look pretty and an offer might appear enticing, but if its just mass-marketed to anyone and everyone in a certain geographic radius, it will be a waste of your money. Sending mail to prospects who are most likely to be in-market buyers (and most qualified to buy today) will give you the strongest response and the most return on your investment.

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Great! We can send out a direct mail campaign based on the contacts you provide to us. Or, we can also profile your list to better identify your target market and use that data to create a new list of prospects based on our findings.

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